Some cars, get "rode hard and put up wet."
This was not that car.

There are people among us, older folks, driving. Among those older folks there are owners who care for their vehicles.
This vehicle belonged to such a man.
The owner took delight in keeping this car clean and ready for the road.

The car was garaged, in a cool and dry place, that is it, above, on the left.
No UV degradation of the leather or paint.
The car was not used on a daily commute.
It was not driven when there was snow or ice on the road.

It was maintained, oil changed in the old style, every 3,000 miles.
It has low mileage, a combination of city and long distance driving.
It has driven on dirt roads twice, visiting Slabtown.

And so. We come to the heart of the car sales matter, how much?

Took the vehicle to the local CarMax store. They drove it, inspected it, liked it, made an offer.

I like CarMax, but I have a responsibility to sell the car for a number the owner approves of.
The sticker price on the car was $42,240. Purchased 6/12/2006.

Checking on the Internet

$ 22,175 is a good number.
Please, no dealers, no scams artists. Make an offer substantially above the CarMax estimate. We can go for a test drive.

I am on the road (not in this car!) a lot these days. To schedule a test drive, contact me via email

or leave a message on the cell-phone: 804-462-9968. Serious inquiries only.
Vehicle being sold as is. Will need a cashier's check from a local bank.
No dealers. Only individuals.