Burgess Lane Tour

Hello, my name is Bill Emory, I live at 1604 East Market Street. I thought that possibly neighbors weren't familiar with Burgess Lane so I went out in April (2002) and snapped a few photos of the properties that front on Burgess.

Turning from Meade Avenue onto Market Street, Burgess is the first street on your right.

The photos below aren't a complete inventory of the street, I missed three of the houses, and I am slightly confused regarding the addresses on Burgess. But the photos (currently loading below) will give you an idea of what is there. I hope that you will take time in the near future to stroll down Burgess.

It is essential to point out that I am not an impartial observer. I moved to this neighborhood in 1987 because I enjoyed its unique character.

I hope that we can retain the base of family housing and residential-zoned land currently located in the neighborhood!


1403 Burgess, Rt side of street

this is 1403 Burgess

1405 Burgess

1405 Burgess

1407 Burgess

1407 Burgess

1413 Burgess

1413 Burgess

Artisan Construction

Artisan Construction, across the street from 1413 Burgess

1415 Burgess

across the street from 1415

Across the street from 1415 Burgess. I don't know the particulars on this building. The trucks parked around it are labeled "Waste Management."

vacant lot

Vacant lot, 1417 Burgess

house at the end of the street, while the mailbox says 1417, I believe this is the house Joe Kerley of JLK Inc. hopes to have rezoned from residential to Industrial.

LT v RT looking south on Burgess

Looking south on Burgess Lane. Predominately business and industry to the left, houses to the right

Specialty Fastener

Specialty Fasteners and Hardware is located at the end of Burgess Lane, right hand side.

paper sort

at southern terminus of Burgess, looking toward Monticello

My thanks to you for taking the virtual tour. I hope you will attend the Charlottesville City Council meeting Monday night 4/21/03 (in the City Council Chambers) and participate in the zoning process. The meeting starts at 7:30 PM.

JLK Inc. hopes to rezone from R-2 Residential to B-3 Commercial the property at 1417 Burgess Lane. The R-2 zoning allows single and two-family residential. The B-3 zoning allows all types of residential and commercial. This property is identified on City Real Property Tax Map #56 as parcels 29 and 30, having collectively, 90 feet of frontage on Burgess Lane and containing approximately 19,600 square feet of land or .45 acres.The general uses called for in the Land Use Plan of the Comprehensive Plan are industrial uses.

Attend and witness as the Councilors vote on the fate of our neighborhood.


Bill Emory