(2) To encourage innovative arrangements of buildings and open spaces to provide efficient, attractive, flexible and environmentally sensitive design.

The proposed concept plan has the following design features:

Single family dwelling units closer to Franklin Street located away from steep slopes.

Se-man-tics, The meaning or the interpretation of a word, sentence, or other language form. When the PUD designer says "single family unit" he/she hopes you think. .

Sixty-nine percent of the site is preserved as open space, with open space integrated into the overall landscape plan (see Rezoning Concept Plan).
One common driveway allowing for safer traffic flow to and from the site onto Franklin Street.

Significant landscape buffer of native shrubs and trees along impacted property boundaries.

Low impact development techniques such as Bio-filters and permeable paving to handle storm water requirements within the site.

Architecture that fits the scale and context of the neighborhood.

(7 modern Townhouses cheek to jowl on one lot has absolutely nothing to do with the scale and context of the neighborhood.)

The proposed single family attached units will be similar in style as shown in pictures 1.9 to 1.1 0. with front porches, lap siding, and exterior trim details.
Neighborhood pedestrian connectivity with the proposed sidewalk along Franklin Street.
Off-street parking relegated to the back of the units.
Inter-connectivity between dwelling units by means of sidewalks.
All units have their own front yard and back yard, and share common space

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