(5) To provide for developments designed to function as cohesive, unified projects.

As mentioned before, developing the site by-right would not allow for a unified development.

Colonial Williamsburg was not a PUD, and somehow it managed to be a unified development?

The proposed PUD provides an opportunity to develop the site with architectural and landscape architectural unity, as well as provide a higher level of connectivity within the site and to and from the site.

Integrity, a level and a hammer allow one to build with architectural and landscape unity.

Integrity would be the essential ingredient.

(6) To ensure that a development will be harmonious with the existing uses and character of adjacent property, and/or consistent with patterns of development noted with respect to such adjacent property.

The site is an ideal "transition zone" property, sandwiched in between the residential fabric of East Market Street and the industrial development on Franklin Street and Carlton Avenue.

Arg! This site is in the heart of the Historic Woolen Mill Village. It contains houses built by working people between the 1880's and the 1960's when the Mill closed.

visit http://www.historicwoolenmills.org for a thorough tour (Red X above marks the target of the PUD bomb. )

Bringing a higher density to this edge location is an appropriate move from an urbanistic and architectural standpoint as the street transitions from single family lots to industrial use.

Sticks and stones break my bones. Your logic and dissembling words are breaking my heart. Edge location. This edge location, in the viewshed of Monticello, saved Charlottesville and Albemarle's economic bacon after the Civil War.
The area west of this edge location has been the victim of a inappropriate zoning imposed shortly after Woolen Mills Village annexation by the City in 1963. The zoning imposed by the same wise heads that bulldozed Vinegar Hill.

For thirty years the Woolen Mills neighborhood has respectfully requested the City's help:

Preserving the rural historic character of our neighborhood
Preventing Inappropriate dense zoning
Eliminating Sewage smell
Dramatically reducing cut through traffic on Franklin Street

Seems that it is easier to apply to locate a PUD on Franklin than it is to apply for a "one-way" sign on Franklin Street.

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