(7) To ensure preservation of cultural features, scenic assets and natural features such as trees, streams and topography.

The site does not have any significant cultural features or scenic assets. However, the proposed landscape design creates a scenic asset to the neighborhood and adds value with its design.

This is the house of Warren S. Graves, employee of the Mill beginning in 1880. This lot was listed as "Lot #1" on the 1885 plat of the Woolen Mills Village. This is the house and garden that is, if you believe the Franklin Street LLC's assertions, to be improved by high density, inappropriate development. Upzoning that is in direct conflict with the Woolen Mills Neighborhood Plan of 2001 and the draft plan of 2006.

There is a general concern over the loss of tree cover with other recent developments in the neighborhood. Sixty percent of the site will remain undeveloped and kept as open space. Of that sixty percent, twenty percent will be left as untouched preserve.

PUD- coming soon to a green space near you!!! This level of false magnanimity and condescension is hard to fully appreciate.
If the Developers cared about the neighborhood concerns they would honor the repeated requests of the adjacent landowners
and build one house on the lot.

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