Tuesday, August 09, 2005

merry point

This is the Merry Point, Virginia ferry. Runs six days a week, sunrise to sunset, weather and tides allowing. It is a cable ferry, capacity 2 cars, operated by the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Didn't get the dog's name. She lives in a house on the north bank of the Corrotoman River. When the mood suits she comes down out of her house and rides back and forth.

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Anonymous Michael said...

Super photo! Love the sky, love the dog, love the gawky ferry, probably wouldn't like the humidity. Photo as haiku, nailing the season.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The dog's name is Merry for Merry Point and she sometimes jumps off the front of the ferry causing the operator to slow the ferry down to dog paddle speed. Merry lives at the site of an 1835 steamboat landing, the first such landing in Lancaster County. Bruce

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched Merry, the dog, swim across the Corrotoman one day and was told that she sometimes rides the ferry across the river and then she swims back home!

On that particular day, she seemed to be having a great time.


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