Friday, December 09, 2005

West Point

left bank of the Pamunkey



Blogger Michael said...

This is a super shot. I feel my bronchii constricting as I look at it. The warmth, the tone and the clarity of detail, on the other hand, make me want to keep looking at it. My theory is that it is digital. You may now prove me wrong.

Blogger Michael said...

Why does it tell me there are 0 comments when I made 1?

Blogger emory said...

hey michael- on the road, so yas, it is a digital from "the southern west point" intersection of the pamunkey and mattaponi rivers, lots of military activity here in the last 300 years.
regarding comments, sometimes bloggers server is slow with the comments, other times its a matter of refreshing the page view...

Blogger shaw said...

this pic is so powerful.


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