Wednesday, January 25, 2006

tiny houses

In March 2004 Cities Ranked and Rated listed Charlottesville VA as the best place in the US to live.

The ranking was questionable but with the announcement damage was done.


The greed on display in this region now is staggering, breath-taking.

My neighborhood, the red-headed step-child of local planners, is taking a beating.
This has been a low density rural neighborhood since the establishment of the woolen mill village in 1830.

Currently, within 100 yards of my house, two developers hope to build 40 units. The units don't serve the neighborhood's needs, they don't reflect the neighborhood structure. The proposed growth is cancerous in nature.

Cash in the chips.

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Anonymous Poornima said...

Oh thats sad. I am from Pittsburgh and saw the same thing happen to it.

Btw, your pictures are absolutely amazing. Lovely photographs!!

Blogger Barrett said... a life-long resident of overdeveloped NYC (always overdeveloping still), is it okay to say I grok your upset and anger?

Of course, the evil inside joke is that all this "development" ultimately doesn't serve the people this stuff is being pitched to. A cynical game, "development".


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