Wednesday, July 26, 2006


just beyond the Freightliner's right fender, damage from Sunday's hit and run

The first business of a City is to protect the health and safety of its residents.

I wonder if the Locust Grove neighborhood would be willing to loan us their sign for awhile?

More on the subject of cut-through traffic...

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Blogger AnonMaus said...

I'm-a-thinking some Community Action here... I got a friend that lives over that ways: good with his hands. Mayhaps he could cut a fair-sized peice of wood or scrap metal. Maybe we could make a weekend party of sanding edges painting and making seriously anal font-perfect signs and put them up in the night. I have some supplies (not nearly all); perhaps others could fill in gaps. A merry band of 5-10 with a weekend of Productive Hooliganism in our veins might could effect a change that the City isn't willing to see. I, for one, am happy to defend my actions in a Court o'Law if it means the betterment of the neighborhood next door to mine.
I'm willing to pitch in, I'm willing to host. Just saying.

Blogger Doolittle said...

Great idea, AnonMaus, and many thanks for your generosity and willingness to help our lil' neighborhood!

I know what the penalty is for destroying one of the city's signs... but what law could one break in actually creating one?

The city has been quite aware of this problem for so many years now... yet curiously they have not provided any relief. We know that the city cares about all of its citizens and is concerned for their safety. This then leads one to ponder if, possibly, the city can't afford the necessary signage. So this would actually be a most magnanimous gesture on our part. I'm thinking at the very least we'd be thanked, maybe presented with a key to the city, or some sort of plaque?

Blogger AnonMaus said...

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Blogger AnonMaus said...

or mayhaps a real sign posted at the appropriate intersection...?


Blogger emory said...

(received via email 7/27/06)

I think the incessant cutting through by trucks irritate me more than someone putting up some condos, but that's just me. What does it take to get the city to close that street to commercial traffic anyway? Anyone on city council willing to carry that football? Of course the only real way is to close the street totally or put up height limiting barriers at the CSX tracks.

Once or twice a year a truck wil get hung up trying to use ECK supply's driveway. The shipping industry sends guys to ANY ADDRESS with a huge long wheelbase Kenworth sleeper cab tractor and the longest allowable trailer...all to deliver a single crate of goods somewhere...and when the poor teamster driving the thing gets see as you said..he's got a sheef of Mapquest stuff and has never been there before!!

I've dealt with that out here where these people show up Saturday night in winter to make a pickup from Crutchfield (which is closed until Monday) and thinks they're going to camp there with their engine running for 36 hours 100 yards from my bedroom window...grrrr.


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