Friday, April 25, 2008

bag of beans

The Lancaster County real estate tax system and land-use policy are structured to move the majority of Northern Neck natives off the water. Forcing people from their homes was not the primary design goal, but it will be the effect.
It's an old story. Similar displacement of population occurred on Hilton Head Island. As thorough as dropping a neutron bomb, the land will remain, but the people will be removed.
Fabulous multi-million dollar vacation homes will succeed the residences of local people.
Of course, the benefit to the county is tax revenue. The vacation dream homes offer a more robust source of funds for local schools than the modest residences they replace.
And the children of the County, thus educated, can move away from their heritage.
Go live somewhere else.
Have their birth-right sold for a bag of beans, a bowl of soup. Taxed out of their homes.

Some people rob you with a six-gun, some with a fountain pen.- 1958, Pretty Boy Floyd, Woodie Guthrie



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Beautiful Photo. Sad Story.


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