Thursday, January 15, 2009

third dog

My third dog Charlie. Charlie was the first dog for whom I was responsible. I failed miserably.
Charlie killed some rabbits, for food for sport? Didn't matter. The bunnies were livestock, being raised for their meat by a farmer down the road.
Killing livestock is a serious offense for canines in Virginia, a capital crime.
I never requested proof of Charlie's crime. How many rabbits? Who witnessed the event? Show me a Polaroid. Show me rabbit carcasses. I was a total believer in the righteousness of Authority. The Man came to the house and said the dogs had to die. (Dogs, my roomate had a dog). We inquired about death options. The best death option was to shoot them on site. Right then, at the house. Execute them.
And so. Mr. Man shot the dogs for us. I remember crying a lot. Digging a hole.
It changed me.



Blogger Sarabeth said...

I can imagine that it changed you quite a bit.

Blogger Leanne Stewart said...

No words.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats BS.. No one stood up for this animal.. no probation period?


Blogger emory said...

Very few are born wise. Most of us go through a prolonged idiot period during which things and beings get broken. I have striven, since, to be a worthy dog person. A creature died because I was an idiot.


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