Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday

The roadside location above was unproblematic.
The location below was in a residential front-yard. I approached the house, knocked on the door. Waited several minutes. Hoping to secure permission, alert the homeowner to my presence. Homeowner appeared while I was taking pictures and invited me to leave the property lickety-split.

...and when I get through with you, you're gonna need saving.



Blogger James said...

I guess homeowner can't appreciate the irony of his/her actions. "I'll preach to you from a distance, TYVM."

Great blog - I came upon it via a Google alert. Nice stuff.

Anonymous Fritsch said...

Sounds like a tough job and a slow ride, Bill. Stopping at every single sing. Glad you did not let them discourage you. Thanks for sharing these pearls once again.

Blogger Flying Scott said...

Your black and white photographs portray vividly "God's stake in the ground," i.e., the Cross planted in the landscape of trees and billboards. Great visual cues for the season of Lent.


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