Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Carlton Avenue

Bike loop, sunset.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the fishbones series.
Used to drive a UPS truck here. At twilight, I had to go back to the shed with boxes, as the residents didn't like a guy looking around with a flashlight for the house number. I survived, and most people got their boxes.
Industry looks cozy and sleepy this time of day.

Blogger Victoria said...

Anon, it was nice reading your thoughts re that area. Lot of paranoia 'round those parts, much of it well justified. The residents have affordable housing, but they know it won't be long before that's taken away from them by hipsters with a plan. The city doesn't have much use for the resients and their homes-- they're just not picturesque enough to live in Disneyville. Developer's gotta make bank, and the hard-working folks stand in the way of the profit and bling.

From what I understand, the place was created for returning Korean War vets. Over the intervening years it's been hard to tell what, if anything, the city fathers and mothers have done to improve life there.

Improvements aren't an option that'll be provided for the residents. The place will be torn down and replaced with an HOA... something people can congratulate themselves over.


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