I don’t buy CD’s, I don’t listen to live music, I missed all the performances of KOMLR at Live Arts.

Meanwhile, Danny Schmidt moved from CHO to Austin, TX. But Danny missed his singer-songwriter chums, planned a visit to Charlottesville and they decided in advance to do the living room thing again, sponsored by WTJU at at UVA’s Cabell Hall.

I don’t know the work of all the performers ( Lance Brenner of The Naked Puritans, Jeff Romano and Browning Porter of Nickeltown, Jan Smith, Stratton Salidis, Paul Curreri, Brady Earnhardt, Danny Schmidt) but I ventured out of my hobbit-hole and attended this event Friday 09/05/03.
The Kings managed to do it. Trucked in domestic items from their respective living rooms. Humanized the Cabell Hall space with familiar artifacts, then loaded the room with magic, their friendship palpable, their music excellent.

The format was simple, play two songs, then pass the guitar. I have CD purchasing to do before I become familiar with these artists’ tunes, but after Friday night I am motivated. A night of good music, they played 8-11.

Given budgetary constraints, it will take years to collect the music of these artists. No matter, talent lasts, these folks are going to be around.

schmidt romano smith

NOTE: it looks like Danny is sitting down all the time, not the case, a hard person to snap on the hoof, moves too fast

sound check

Foreground—sound check, Danny and the Frog, background, Stratton Salidis, Jeff Romano and Lance Brenner at work setting up the room

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