May 2003: Scat photography. Hilton Head Island and Bluffton SC. The Island Packet, the Golden Rose Park. Climax, Georgia. Ode to the Low Country. July 29, 1981. Chihuahuan desert. San Carlos, Mexico.

June 2003: History v memory. Merry Pont, VA. Columbia SC, Washington DC, west Texas

July 2003: The consequences of prayer. Rain rain rain.

September 2003: Local musicians play Old Cabell Hall, a classic venue in Charlottesville.

November 2003: Northern Neck of Virginia, a day in life.

January 2004: Washington D.C., Inauguration 2001. Things that have gone missing in the past three years.

March 2005: Easter Day, Calvary, middle age, blind optimism, Plato, Malcolm and doing your job

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