the Capitol porch is now off-limits

I miss the Capitol stairs!

For over a hundred years you could hang out on the west porch of the Capitol, look down the Mall, watch the sunset. Aspiring presidential candidates could sit on the porch and gaze longingly at the White House. The stairs were closed in October, 2002, a security measure.

White House

Its been awhile since you could walk up to the White House. My great grandfather lived in DC, he used to do it.

eight policemen in a line

But its not just bars around the White House. On January 19, 2001, streets in DC were closed to citizens. Who do we have to thank for that? Homegrown terrorists- Booth, Oswald, Guiteau, Czolgosz and present-day electronic chatter. Alas, this clock won’t be turned back.

HealthCamp, Waco, TX

I miss reliable meat.

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