The purpose for rezoning this parcel from its current R-1S designation to PUD is to achieve the goals of City of Charlottesville's PUD for creating more dense and viable development.

The purpose of the rezoning is M.O.N.E.Y.

The current development plan seeks to address the objectives of a PUD as stated in the section 34-490 of City of Charlottesville zoning ordinance:

(1) To encourage developments of equal or higher quality than otherwise required by the strict application of zoning district regulations that would otherwise govern.

They are failing to mention several things. In 1990 the City downzoned 7,000 lots from Multi-family to single family in hopes of preserving the residential character of the City.

In the coming year the City has plans to pitch out the PUD ordinance because it has proven unworkable and has delivered inconsistent results.

The Woolen Mills is outside a ring the Planning Commission has drawn around the core of the City within which they feel "dense infill development" is appropriate.

The current zoning ordinance allows for a by-right subdivision of four lots fronting on Franklin Street. With the proposed PUD plan, a higher quality development can be achieved with regards to both aesthetics and function. One ingress and egress point would create a safer entry and exit condition to the site.

Whoa!!! It's a whopper.

One ingress and egress point is not an exclusive ability of the PUD. My house and the house next door share a driveway. The mechanism involved, an easement.

Regarding the statement about a higher quality development. Have the Developers consulted our neighborhood plan, part of the City's Comprehensive plan, and noted what we value in our neighborhood? We value the "rural" feel of our community, its historic character. Nowhere do we call for upzoning or the construction of Townhouses.


Placing the buildings facing Franklin St. provides a face for the street while concentrating the development away from the adjoining neighbors. This also allows for the preservation of the eastern portion of the site.

Architect Lingo. "A face for the street." A massive, monolithic face. The scale and rhythm of the street's "face" will be devastated. The block of apartments will read as a wall.

This expressed concern for neighbors strikes me as disingenuous. The neighbors have repeatedly attempted to buy the lot and keep it green. No face except the face of green space.

Below, notice how the placement has allowed for the "preservation" of the eastern portion of the lot. Should the developers wish to show concern for the neighbors' feelings and for preservation they might consider building one house on the lot.

home next