Friday, January 12, 2007

first time

Holloway House, Woolen Mills Road. Edna Holloway died in her 109th year. Charles and Mamie Holloway lived here before Edna and Arthur Holloway. Charles was in charge of wool sorting at the Mill, Arthur was a "loom-fixer".
Part of the recon level survey involves photographing all structures in the proposed district with Film. The negatives go into VADHR's files. Eventually this requirement will be changed to some sort of digital media, but what sort? Archivists are able to look backward and appreciate the proven track record of properly processed "real" b&w film (not C41). It's hard to look forward and know what'll happen to CDs, DVDs.
Used a Nikon F4 which my favorite camera store assures me has absolutely Zero trade in value. A wonderful camera. Ergonomic. Tough. No menus to dig through.
For the first time in life I am giving away negatives, nine rolls, they'll be stored in Richmond.



Blogger John Racine said...

Think of it, Bill, as your cocntribution to a sort of centenniel box that will be buried in the boughs of government for future generations to fret about and wonder allowed, "What the hell is this?"

Blogger Dave Beckerman said...

Bill - will they take any of my New York negatives? I can't find anyone in New York that I can trust with them - especially my relatives.

Does this need a sardonic smiley? :>


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