Thursday, June 30, 2005

english to french to english

Last fall I was whining about advancing technology and the financial reorganization of Ilford.

Here's what comes out of the machine when the whine is digitally translated into French and back to English:

the 9/05/04 implied tools of the formation image film-based are elegant in their simplicity. I have a camera which can function without batteries, an enlarger which produces copies without software. The tools are relatively inexpensive and they last a life.

August 23, the manufacturer of my paper of gelatine-money photograph went bankrupt. I take comfort in the familiar one.

The sun rises in the east and I am happy. the photographic process Money-based is an old man and familiar friendly, his practice a personal sacrament. The black cabinet is a place of refuge, reflexion and creation. It is the place which I dance. Write the news.

My elegant technology is drawn in the head and the life-ring launched my manner is obsolescence envisaged. I décrierais the invention of the washing machine.

Man of Oh, that misses to me really hammering my clothing on the rocks!

Do not obtain to me false. Its to make quiver to have the numerical tools. They are the fine tools. Carpus I and bad temper because I am a bastard good market.

I can continue to do what I do, but to do it digitalement four times per copy will cost as much. Moreover, massive infusions of the money cash will be required to maintain the hardware and the software of up to date image-production and the files of image of Re-files while a form of storage mediums succumbs to the next one.

Scanning a 34 year old negative today, photo taken when I was a youngster and stored negatives unsleeved in a drawer with 16 penny nails and car keys. A bit of restoration in order.

The end user of the image will pay a month after publication.

35 years after making the exposure I'll get paid!


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

black cabinet

Black cabinet is how Babelfish translates darkroom. That place that photographers now decline to tread.
Maybe Amnesty International can come and declare my darkroom a Gulag?
Set me free, buy me the $2000 Epson printer and the materials to feed it.
In the black cabinet.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


My cousin Randy once upon a time worked at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center where they were trying to make electronic devices as intuitive to use as a pencil.
Sure, there will be some folk trying to write with the eraser end.
The good people at have written some mighty intuitive software but its far from a pencil.
Last night the lead disappeared.

The handy "image icon" that lets me post pictures.
Now I've got to try and crawl down into the HTML. Instead of using their delightful web-based interface, I have to FTP files, edit code, arg!

(Street photography, low level street photography. Turtles are pretty laid back about allowing their pictures to be taken.)


Saturday, June 25, 2005

A dozen ways to fail

I received an e-mail, whassup with the color digital? The modern Polaroid.

Reacting to the wonderful ease of photography these days, variable iso, auto-focus, on camera flash (die if you use that!) instant review of images, digital negative format, image storage, auto-exposure, in response to all that I am temporarily going hard-shell reactionary, shooting 4x5" b&w negatives, Tri-x of course.

It is fun, a very deliberate comparatively slow process.

Haven't gone totally nuts, am not doing a Sally Mann and coating my own plates. But nuts enough. Make all the mistakes, forget to pull the dark slide, forget to reverse the dark slide, make double exposures, under and over exposures, forget to stop down the lens...


Mega mega pixel camera

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Longest Day

June 21, the days git shorter now.

Watching the corn grow.


Found a peacock nest yesterday with three eggs.

This morning the nest was gone.


A crow was eating the yolk of one of the eggs, presumably moved out of the nest by a raccoon.


Snapping turtles lay eggs in the yard, raccoons dig up the eggs.


Snapping turtles eat baby ducks.


Blacksnakes eat pea chicks.


Art historians look at a photographer?s work and say ?the street photography of Mr.X is clearly informed by the photography of Lee Friedlander.?


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Saturday, June 18, 2005

html help

Yes, need some help with the source code for this page, what do I change so that right hand column doesn't appear on top of my pixs? help!!!

not batman

Batman was stupid then, self indulgent now, bruce wayne, gimme a break

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helende said do this

hmm, ready to blast east to slabtown, Emma is home, kindly wrote Davide Balula in France. I don't speak French

The url above is the condensed Slabtown story, end of the road. I am planning on taking 4x5" pix of corn, at night, when it grows...